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Biologi - By - Wild Harvested Blackberry Seed Oil 30ml

Biologi - By - Wild Harvested Blackberry Seed Oil 30ml

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In a sea of face oils available for consumer use, By Blackberry Seed Oil is the highly performing face oil you didn’t know you needed!

As a known skin strengthener, blackberry seed oil has been specifically chosen for its advanced ability to build antioxidant protection, fortify the skin’s barrier and minimise scarring.

For the first time ever, consumers now have access to the powerful nutritive combination of essential fatty acids and untouched vitamin K that perform optimally on the skin just as they do in the original fruit source.

With the ability to strengthen capillaries, the ultimate anti-ageing combination of alpha linoleic acid, omega 9 and vitamin K work hard to preserve collagen and elastin while assisting in reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles leading to a more youthful appearance.

Cold pressed and unrefined, the revolutionary extraction process protects the potency of the original blackberry seed oil nutritional profile to help provide superior hydration, repair the skin and increase suppleness leaving the skin bright and luminous.

With a typically viridescent appearance and natural odour profile featuring distinctive yet subtle tones of the original fruit source, By Blackberry Seed Oil is a lightweight oil that absorbs easily into the skin to deliver the powerful benefits of restorative nutrients from plant to pore.

Rubus Laciniatus (Blackberry) seed oil.


On a clean dry skin, apply 2-3 drops and lightly massage over face. By Blackberry Seed Oil may be used over the top of your recommended Biologi serum. Let the serum absorb before the application of By. By Blackberry Seed Oil can be used on the face, neck, and body. Note: May be used sparingly under the eye but not intended to be used over the entire eye area or lashes. *Refer to T&Cs for complete usage guidelines.

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