The Fabulous 40+ MUA Guru Sharing Her Ultimate Beauty Hacks!

The Fabulous 40+ MUA Guru Sharing Her Ultimate Beauty Hacks!

1. So Amanda, for those in Perth who may not be aware of what you do, can you explain who you are and how you got started in Makeup?

Hey there, I’m Amanda and my passion is pro-age beauty and makeup.

With over 20 years experience as a makeup artist I have created makeup looks for inspirational women of all ages including Miranda Kerr, Delta Goodrem, Julia Gillard, Noni Hazlehurst, Jackie O, Sophia Monk and many more.

As I headed into my forties (I’m now 50 BTW), I started to notice just how ageist the beauty industry is. 

On social media, I specialise in creating simple, flattering makeup looks and beauty routines that my beautiful ladies can do at home(and fit into their busy lives!).

I also run over 40s makeup masterclasses, in-person style and makeup workshops. I only promote makeup and beauty products that truly work for mature skin. If a product hasn't been tried, tested and much loved by me, I won’t advocate for it.

2. Your area of expertise is the 40 plus demographic. What made you decide to focus on that age group?

After giving birth to my beautiful son and entering back into work, I found myself being overlooked in the industry. Even after 10 years experience! 

Things really started to emerge when my girlfriends started calling me while they were in retail stores asking what to purchase for their skin. This was a little strange, given they had the previous 10 years to pick my brains but chose not to. After visiting a retail store myself, I then realised WHY they had. Barely any retail store or brand would cater to women in the older demographic. You would be getting advice from 20 year olds that really haven't had the lived experience themselves to recommend to a totally different age group. 

This was where the calling began.  

3. What are the biggest mistakes you see women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s etc making?

I don't like making women feel bad about the way  they  are doing what  they do and focus on updating what they are currently doing with seasons and chapter of your life.

4. Stranded on a desert Island, what can you not be without beauty wise?

A Face Oil and a Moisturising Sunscreen 
5. How important is skin prep before makeup? For the time poor how can they manage it?

It's everything.
Doesn't need to be complicated and can just be 3 simple steps.

6. What are two of your best beauty hacks?

mix a lightweight moisturiser with your fave foundation to create your own tinted moisturiser/BB Cream
groom eyebrows upwards at the head of the brow and extend the tail horizontally to give the whole face a lift

7. On a day off where can we find Amanda Ramsay? 

Ha ha ha she's either walking the Burleigh Hill or face down exhausted and binging on netflix!

8. You were just asked to help judge the finalists on the Clean + Conscious beauty awards. Can you tell us what this involves and some of the products you were asked to critique?

Testing and trialling all the products while rating on performance and commitment to sustainability. 

9. When buying beauty products is there any particular items, ingredients or colours the 40 plus should be buying/avoiding? 

Buy -
lightweight light reflecting formulas
cream products
hyaluronic acid
satin or glossy finish lip products

Avoid - 
Matte and dark lipsticks
Matte, flat, powdery products

10. Are there any celebrities or makeup artists that you would consider mentors?

Bobbi Brown
James Molloy

11. If you ever come to Perth would you be up for hosting a makeup workshop at The Bare Theory? 

Heck YES!!

Amanda x
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