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BASS - Eco-Flex Detangler Hair Brush - TEAL

BASS - Eco-Flex Detangler Hair Brush - TEAL

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Bass Brushes Bio-Flex Detangler Hair Brush is a durable, affordable and eco-friendly hair brush that is certified 95% biodegradable. 




This natural hair brush features a unique swirl design and flexible pins for optimal performance and is ideal for hair detangling - wet or dry. Amazingly, the entire handle is made from plant starches.


Features of Bio-Flex Detangler Hair Brush:


  • eco-friendly handle made from Corn, Cassava and Potato starches
  • 95% biodegradable - when discarded, under organic conditions such as a landfill, the handle will break down into a perfect natural fertiliser
  • last for years
  • soft flexible pins reduce pulling when detangling
  • anatomically contoured for maximum comfort and superior results
  • ideal for preparing hair for styling and conditioning (cool blow-dryer only)


Did you know?

Bio-flex generates up to 74% less CO2 emissions when compared to production with petroleum based materials at similar quantities.

Handle made from Corn, Cassava and Potato starches

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