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Willelaine - Calm Diffuser Drops

Willelaine - Calm Diffuser Drops

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Willelaine Aromatherapy Calm Diffuser Drops harness pure Australian essential oils of bergamot and lavender to sooth and calm you during stressful times. This beautiful aroma is grounding and assists you to come out of an anxious state, or prevent you from becoming anxious in the first place!


This relaxing and grounding scent will travel through your home, leaving a soothing, calm aroma. Hand batched with love on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, these oils are 100% natural, made from 100% Pure Australian essential oils. 100% Australian family owned and Australian made. The perfect little gift to say you care.

Essential Oil Blend : Bergamot and Lavender


  • Diffuse: Add 3-4 drops to diffuser with water and diffuse to feel calm, centred and less stressed. It’s as simple as that!
  • Pillow: Add a drop to your pillow before bed.
  • Hanky: Add a drop to your handkerchief and smell whenever you feel worked up
  • Belly rub: Mix 1-2 drops with a carrier oil and rub this onto your stomach in a circular motion to relieve feelings of nausea or motion sickness or ease digestion. *do not apply drops directly to skin*
  • Skin irritations: combine 1 -2 drops with a carrier oil and apply onto rashes or mosquito bites to relieve itchiness
  • Washing: Add desired amount to your washing machine with our Dish & Laundry Block, your bed sheets and PJ's to infuse them with a calm scent
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